Jamie McCoy

Founder and CEO

About Howto.Marketing

Howto.Marketing is the company founded and managed by Jamie McCoy. For more than a decade Jamie has been at the forefront of the digital marketing industry, as one of the leaders in the space across the UK – Jamie has designed and run campaigns globally for every business level from start-up to global leaders.
A no-nonsense to the point Glaswegian, Jamie brings sharp wit, a keen flair for innovation and a deep rooted use of data and customer psychology to design award winning campaigns and deliver client success. For the past decade Jamie has designed and run campaigns globally for companies such as Google, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Nokia, Orange and more.
Not only focused on digital marketing, Jamie has deep experience in everything from branding and design, to user experience, PR and Video. With a wide and highly valuable earned network Jamie works with businesses on wider business turnaround projects and drives a lot of collaboration across the network to drive growth for all involved.
As an experience PM, and Product expert, Jamie has designed, spec’d and launched several software platforms and processes for businesses, many of which are current industry leaders in their fields with their current brands. Several are deployed at the moment for large scale programs and marketing across channel reseller programs and global OEM vendors.
Through the Pandemic Jamie worked with his team on an urgent project with NSS Scotland to design, build, deliver and manage a PPE logistics system tasked with the efficient delivery and tracking of millions of items of PPE distributed across Scotland’s care sector. This software was designed over a weekend, version 1 built within a week and released to live then evolving weekly whilst in use.
Jamie has mentored hundreds of businesses over the past few years remotely and physically through the Business and Intellectual Property Centre in Glasgow, which is part of the Power UP program run in partnership with JP Morgan. As the Digital Marketing Expert in residence, on a voluntary basis Jamie supported start-ups in everything from marketing, market propensity analysis, and data analysis to making informed decisions and product design.
Through this portfolio rollercoaster decade and a half of working in the digital and marketing space, Jamie has amassed a staggering amount of experience, knowledge, contacts and ability. Which has led to the launch of Howto.Marketing where this can all be harnessed and delivered to clients rapidly to help them optimise and grow their businesses with breakthrough results.