Each morning I have a set routine and my coffee time is where I do some reading and research. So I thought when I find some interesting or innovative insights I’d share them so we all learn together.

Nike created this campaign a few years ago now however it’s one of the best examples of understanding what’s popular with your audience and utilising that in your campaign design making sure it’s contextually relevant and fits seamlessly.

It’s brilliant and worth taking note of and evolving your thinking in this way for maximum success…


  • Nike teamed up with Graffiti artists across Sao Paulo to update existing works with the new Nike Air Max range
  • The Trainers were then only available on pre-sale by visiting these artworks and using AR and Geolocation technology to purchase
  • The campaign delivered 32% increase in sales for Nike, every model of the new range sold out and the murals were established in the history of Sao Paulo’s natural heritage.

The Solution was brilliant, taking a new approach to both traditional and new media, encompassing stunts, social and digital platforms.