Working in the digital space for over a decade, one thing has become worryingly apparent – the scene is littered with businesses convinced that “Digital is techy and hard” resulting in them being overcharged or under delivered services by agencies and freelancers at their expense.

Too many small businesses are being charged unfairly for work that’s very easy to do, and are forced to accept poor service and poor reporting from agencies and freelancers because they think they have no other choice.

At Howto.Marketing our Ethos is to help businesses manage the basics themselves, the work that has a low ROI and isn’t economical to outsource should be done in house – then using Agencies and Freelancers for bigger activities to grow.

Each business should at least have the ability to understand the work fully to allow you to confidently challenge any agencies you use and ensure you’re getting the correct service.

Digital Experts shouldn’t be actively hiding how things are done to keep themselves at a perceived value. If you’re good at what you do, then telling people how to do the basics themselves frees you up to do the actual difficult work. That’s where Howto.Marketing want to drive real value.

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We’ll share short and long form content and videos

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All here, all for you. We’re doing it all day every day so this is a way for us to share the knowledge with you all.