Whether you’re an established business looking to grow or a start up with nothing more than an idea. At somepoint you’ll consider a website. 

For information sharing, community building, or selling – rule 1 is don’t leap into something if you don’t need it.   Start up / SME resources are tight, time is money and both are usually in short supply so be frugal if you can run your first 6 months on social media alone….then do it, a website won’t necessarily build momentum any faster.   

When it comes to selecting WHAT software to build your website in, the options are many – but actually most do the same thing in one way or another. Take the time to understand the options before taking the plunge because the only thing worse than not having a website when you need it, is having one that’s not fit for purpose and you need a full rebuild to move to a new platform…  

In this video of the Software Series, we discuss:  – WordPress – Squarespace  – Magnolia – Wix – Shopify  full detailed content about each is available on the howto.marketing website for you to browse at your convenience.